Miracle of Maple Tree Recover!

I planted three maple trees by the side of our North Fork mountain cabin front gate in 2005.
North Fork is beautiful mountain forest, but most of them are evergreen pine trees so I wanted to have my husband to have a feeling of his home of Quebec and me to feel my home country of Japan to see the leaves change color to red.


One of them got badly injured almost four years ago (March 2013) by a car that backed over the tree and broke the main trunk. Nobody thought this tree (she) would make it, but I thought I wanted to help her.


Photo: Wounded maple tree trunk with a little remedy glue that I made. Sorry for the out of focus.


I made a special remedy glue with soft-cooked brown rice and barley to mended her. This idea came from an old traditional story of “Shitakiri Suzume” (translated literally into “Tongue-Cut Sparrow“, is a traditional Japanese story of a kind old man, his avaricious wife and an injured sparrow) that made a glue with rice. Most people can’t believe, but I knew she would; miracles can happen and guess what?….she came back!



Photo: The maple tree with remedy glue of soft-cooked brown rice and barley that I made for her.



Photo: Special remedy glue was made in my suribachi (earthenware mortar).


Because of drought, many trees did not survive the last few years, and two other maple trees did not make it—but the one I helped to mend survived! Can you believe?
She started to show beautiful autumn colors from following year even more beautiful than before. Many of our North Fork friends told us how beautiful she became, but she was showing the red leaves before Thanksgiving week so we didn’t see her color because we usually visited North Fork on Thanksgiving week.

I finally saw when I went back to Vipassana 10 days meditation in North Fork two years ago (2014) before Thanksgiving week and she was so beautiful and made me feel so happy. I took the photo with her to show Eric.


Photo:The maple tree was getting better to show red leaves in 2014.


This year, our friend of Noth Fork told us how beautiful the maple tree showing her red leave’s color again so I talked to her  before Thanksgiving week and asked her if she could keep the red leaves for us to see, especially for Eric since he never saw her with red leaves.  She said she will do her best and she kept her promise for us so Eric and I were able to see these beautiful leaves for the first time on Thanksgiving weekend together.

I feel the tree is thanking us by showing her beautiful color every year because I helped her to come back. I named her “Thank you (Arigatou) Maple Tree”.  Everything is a miracle when you believe it and not give up before the miracle happens.

I took the bandage out for her and express my gratitude to “Thank you (Arigatou), Maple tree”.



Photo: The maple tree’s wound is all healed so we took the bandage out this year 2016.





Photo: The maple tree is showing most beautiful leaves this year in 2016.


with my love,

Sanae 💖


California Organic Umeboshi Plums and Recipe

Umeboshi plums offer really good medicinal benefits for everyone. During the holiday season, most of us eat too much; Umeboshi Twig Tea (Kukicha) Remedy Drink helps our intestines and alkaline levels (recipe below).

Umeboshi Plum with Twig Tea (Kukicha) Remedy

The combination of umeboshi plum and twig tea (Kukicha) is good for strengthening the blood and circulation through regulation of digestion.


one-half or one umeboshi plum
1 cup Kukicha (twig tea), brewed

To make the drink:

  1. Place the umeboshi in a tea cup.
  2. Pour in hot tea and stir well. Drink while hot and eat the plum.

Resource from Love, Sanae cookbook which has  many recipes of Umeboshi plums.


Photo: Umeboshi Plum with Twig Tea (Kukicha) Remedy


We have been offering California organic umeboshi plums since 2011. My longtime friend Kazuko and her husband, Jyunsei, planted about 450 ume plum trees after they move to the US in 1968. It was their dream to make California organic umeboshi plums. They also grew organic red shiso leaves (Japanese medicinal herb beefsteak) on their property in order to make umeboshi plums (the plums’ color comes from red shiso leaves).
They made their umeboshi plums in the truly traditional way: They grew the ume trees organically, picked the plums by hand, and sun-dried them for three days under California’s long hours of sunshine. When I went to help them make the plums, I learned to continuously turn each one for hours so it wouldn’t get burned or stick to the bamboo mat.


Photo: Drying ume plum before pickling with red shiso leaves


For many years, Jyunsei and Kazuko have used only selected sea salt and organic, home-grown red shiso leaves to make their premium hand-made California organic umeboshi plums.

Jyunsei passed in 2000, and Kazuko kept up the work by herself, but she eventually retired in 2008. Since Jyunsei passed, Kazuko was not able to promote her umeboshi plums widely. Settled in a retirement home now, she still has the plums but no access to sell them. We decided to help her and seize this opportunity to spread the love and care with which she and Jyunsei prepared these plums. We have sold at least 400 pounds of them all over the US. I even gave them to Japanese friends as gifts, and they said they never see such high-quality aged organic umeboshi plums in Japan anymore.

The plums we received from Kazuko were made in 2003–05, so they are aged. They contain more alkaline and super enzymes with high healing properties than any umeboshi plums you can find anywhere.
Umeboshi plums are like wine; the aged ones are rich in enzymes and have a naturally sour, delicious flavor. Most companies limit their production to a yearly basis, and many of them are not organic, while others use preservatives. So, this is a rare occasion to find aged, organic umeboshi plums.


We have a limited quantity, so if you want to get these special California organic umeboshi plums, click here to order.



When you receive the plums, transfer them to a glass jar or container and keep them in a cool dark place—but not in the refrigerator—to preserve the enzymes and healing properties. They have not been in a refrigerator for about 10 years.


Hope you get to taste these rare umeboshi plums before they are all gone.





Healing Your Body and Mind with Winter Soup Cooking Class

As I wrote about How to Make Nourishing Soup in summer time…I realized that our bodies need more nourishing foods like soup, which has more liquid, every day. It does not have to be a large amount—just 1–2 cups a day.

We are offering Healing Your Body and Mind with Winter Soup cooking class.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

$60 per person

At Studio mugen in Santa Monica

Learn how to prepare heartfelt healing soups for your body and mind.

This class you will learn how to make delicious soup using plant-based umami dashi for your winter season.



Photo: Plant Base Umami Dashi



Plant-Based Umamidashi

Nabe Miso Noodle Soup

Brown Rice with Daikon Soup

Burdock Soup


Photo: Burdocks


If you are interest to take this cooking class, please email sanaehealing@gmail.com



Sanae 💖


Kula’s 100th-Day Memorial

In Buddhist tradition, the 100th-day memorial is prominent after the 49th-day memorial. (I wrote about what we did for Kula for 49th-Day Memorial here)


Kulas Albums with 214 photos in 84 pages.


We express our affection and gratitude to Kula—who departed on August 1, 2016—in a natural manifestation of untainted and pure emotion.         This is an occasion for sincere and deep reflection on life and death.

The 100th-day memorial is a time to sort out clothing and other items that belonged to the deceased and share them with others, sending gratitude to family and friends. After 100 days, you are supposed to stop crying.


I washed Kula’s collar, towels, and bed and gave them to other dogs.

I decided to send Kula’s 49th-day memorial cards—with my calligraphy and art envelopes—to family and friends who could not come.

That took time, but I completed!


Sending Kula’s card with my calligraphy and art envelopes.


I feel Kula’s existence every day, but I felt it, even more, when I celebrated her 100th-day memorial. I practiced yoga felt Kula that morning so strongly and my tears came down as missing her…


We went to the beach restaurant where we used to go with Kula.

It was a warm day, even though it is November, so there was no parking by the beach. I called to Kula and asked her to find parking, and she gave us a perfect parking spot in a second. We knew Kula was an angle, but now she is also a parking angel!


Eric & Happy at the beach

We decided to take Happy along with us since Happy has received the most influence from Kula since they walked together everyday for a few years; we went to the water after dinner and called to Kula!

Kula loved the beach so much, and we went to the beach with her for many years…we felt that she was there enjoying herself even now.

We thank Kula for her life and memories.



Kula’s favorite plumeria flowers are still blooming this year!

With love and Kula’s favorite plumeria flowers (even November they are still blooming this year),



Take Care of Your Kidneys – Ginger Compress Hands On Workshop

The kidneys are more active in the winter season and they do not like cold weather, so this is a good time to take care of them.

Your kidneys’ health is connected to:

  • Maintaining blood pressure
  • Controlling blood glucose levels for those with diabetes
  • Maintaining cholesterol levels
  • Helping regulates or loses weight
  • Relieving back, knee and joint pain
  • Reducing swelling
  • Helping/Preventing skin problems
  • And more!



Azuki Remedy Drink with Kombu Sea Vegetable and Umeboshi Plum


In this class, you will learn:

  • How to make an adzuki bean remedy drink to help regulate kidney functions
  • How to make the azuki bean sweet which is gentle for the kidneys
  • How to make and apply a ginger compress to help dissolve stagnation and tension and to stimulate blood circulation for the kidneys and other areas
  • Meridian points for strengthening the kidneys
  • Exercises to stimulate for the kidneys



What you need for Ginger Compress


This warkshop is a hands-on class so you make your own Ginger Compress and apply it over your kidneys or/and other areas that you want.

Please bring a 1-gallon stainless pot (so you can take your ginger compress with you and use it one more time at home), also at least two washcloths and two hand towels for your ginger compress, and a blanket (for you lie on the floor).


Date: Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016

Time: 2~5pm

Location: Studio “mugen” 2610 23rd St. Santa Monica, CA 90405

Fee: $60

Only 5 people can be taken this workshop!



If you want to attend the class, please email me sanaehealing@gmail.com





Pumpkin Season’s Healthy Tips and Recipe

Happy pumpkin season to all of you!


Here are the Pumpkin Benefits for you:

  • Good for eyesight: Pumpkin is high in beta carotene and contains vitamin A, which is good for our eyes.
  • Helps weight loss: Pumpkin is high in fiber and low in calories, so we can get a full feeling with fewer calories.
  • Supports the heart: Pumpkin seeds help reduce LDL, or bad cholesterol.
  • Protects the skin: Pumpkin’s orange hue is from carotenoids, wrinkle-fighting plant pigments that help neutralize free radicals in the skin.
  • Mood booster: Pumpkin seeds are rich in the amino acid L-tryptophan, a compound that improves mood naturally and may even be effective against depression.


Seasonal Recipe:

MILLET with KABOCHA (Japanese Hard Squash)

This is one of my favorite recipes for this season. It is easy to make and very delicious!



1 cup millet
3 to 4 cups purified water
1 cups Kabocha, diced
1⁄8 teaspoon sea salt
 or 1″ square kombu sea vegetable
roasted pumpkin seeds as you like

① Wash the millet and lightly dry roast the washed millet in a skillet over medium heat, stirring constantly until it smells toasty.
② Meanwhile, in a large saucepan over medium- high heat, bring the water to a boil. Add millet, kabocha and sea salt, reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 20       minutes.
③ Serve with roasted pumpkin seeds as garnish.


Hope you try it.


Sanae 💖