Animal Communication

A book I read long ago mentioned that if you talk to your dogs and cats, they understand. I was talking to them already but was not sure if they really understood, so I tried a few things that showed me they really do.


Example 1: The day before my day off, I told them: “It is my day off tomorrow, and I do not want to wake up early, so please do not wake me up.” I was surprised, but most of my dogs did not wake me up at all. One cat had to be reminded when she came to wake me up, and then she walked away.


Example 2: When I come home, all my dogs and cats come to greet me, talking and surrounding my legs. If I am carrying shopping bags and can’t touch them, I tell them, “Hi, I am home. Let me put my stuff down first so I can greet and hug you.” They all stop and wait for me. After I put my bags down, I call and greet them one by one, and they are all happy.


It is possible to communicate with your dogs and/or cats. Animals communicate very simply and clearly, so we must do the same. They reflect our feelings. If you have fear, they feel it. Our positive feelings encourage them to live a good life. The more you communicate with them, the more you’ll understand each other.


I have been studying with two remarkable animal communicators, Lydia Hiby and Carol Gurney. Their approaches have similarities and differences, so I have learned a lot, and I am grateful to have them both. I have become confident enough to use their techniques for my dog and cat clients, and I have received good feedback.