Crochet/Knitting/ Weaving

650 knit-felt & crochet bag My first time using yarn to make something was when I was 10 years old and crocheted a potholder. I don’t think I’ve ever crocheted anything other than a potholder at that time, but when I grown up I started again and I do enjoy making a bag or scarf.

650 weaving scarf

My mother was not a crafty person, so I had to learn to do crafty things on my own. I was ambitious and started knitting when I was 17. It was a big men’s sweater for a guy I admired at the time. I asked one of my friends who was good at knitting, and she said, “Are you sure you want to knit this before you practice making smaller stuff?” I asked, “Is it not possible?” She replied, “I did not say ‘not possible,’ but…” So I said, “If it is possible and you will show me how to do it, I want to knit this sweater.” It took a long time, but I did finish the sweater. I also started weaving, even though I had no experience, and I made a beautiful shawl for my mother’s birthday, as well as tablecloths, etc.

650 crochet hat

At the time, my classmates thought I was ambitious, had determination, and did not give up. I never realized this about myself when I was younger, but now I know that it is true, as I recover from alcoholism, cancer, and near-fatal car crash injuries.

650 knit-felt bag

I still enjoy crocheting, knitting and weaving from time to time. I make sweaters, ponchos, fingerless gloves, caps and more. I love doing it because you can bring it anywhere and do it anytime. It helped my PTSD; when I was scared to ride in a car, I just crocheted or knitted so I didn’t have to think about my fear. It is fun to find something you can enjoy and that will help save you.