Dogs and Cats Homemade Food Counseling

Dogs and Cats Macrobiotic Homemade Food Nutrition Counseling

$200 (45 min.) Two telephone follow-ups are included.

Macrobiotic Homemade Food Nutrition Counseling will help your dogs and cats with their health problems, illness, intestine problem or lose weigh or bring more energy, correct emotional behavior and to be happy.

  • Evaluation of your dogs and cats’ health, energy, weight, emotions, behavior and other challenges.
  • Recommendation of food, herbs, and flower remedies and massage point on each dogs and cats’ different conditions.
  • Suggestions on which commercial dog foods you can use when you are not cooking your homemade dog food.
  • Refer to Holistic veterinarian Sally Lane DMV and Vegan veterinarian Armaiti May DMV in Los Angeles area or refer to Holistic veterinarian near your area.

Healthy Happy Pooch book is available.

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“When I got a pup I started feeding her “the macrobiotic way”, because that is how I have been eating for many years. When Jin (my dog) developed a health problem, a friend told me about Sanae. Happy with this advice, I contacted her.
I live so far away (Belgium), but when we talk I feel so close to her. The conversations we have are nourishing, and her recommendations are helpful. Sanae has a lot of experience with dogs, so she can give good advice.
She didn’t just help me with my dog but also with my own struggles in life. It’s always nice to have a good laugh with Sanae, and to feel her love.”

– Jorinde Peeters, Belgium in Europe