Holistic Care for Dog and Cat

Have you made any healthy lifestyle changes lately?
Maybe you’ve switched your diet, or started practicing yoga, going to the chiropractor, or getting acupuncture treatments.
Might these same practices keep your dog and cat family in better health, too?

More veterinarians than ever are practicing holistic medicine today.
Holistic vets look at a pet’s overall health and use traditional and alternative therapies. They rely on lab tests and prescription drugs, but also on acupuncture, massage, and herbal remedies to keep pets healthy.
They encourage changes in pets’ diets and lifestyles to help ward off illnesses like obesity, arthritis, diabetes and cancer.

“As a doctor, I want any tool that’s going to work. Having more tools in my toolkit has made a huge difference,” says Barbara Royal, DVM, president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Holistic care is a great option to offer for your pets’ health. Here are some of the alternative treatments available for your dog or cat:

At home:
• Fresh, homemade food (organic, non-GMO, non-chemical, plant-based)
• Quality water
• Safe containers
• Non-hazardous bed/cushion
• Enough exercise
• Interesting things to do
• Safe skin care/shampoo
• Essential oil
• Homeopathic medicine
• Herbal medicine

I am available to offer a consultation to change or start your dog and cat family diet and lifestyle.
Contact me at healthyhappypooch@gmail.com

At a holistic vet:
• Shiatsu
• Acupuncture
• Reiki