Sanae is a wonderful counselor, chef, baker, teacher and author. I was diagnosed with cancer over 11 years ago, and Sanae was my macrobiotic counselor. I changed my life style as well as the way I ate, thought, exercised, and took care of my body. There is no doubt in my mind that she contributed to my recovery and good health. Thank you Sanae for continuing to contribute to my well being, as well as sharing your expertise with others.”
– Joan Marks, Los Angeles, California


“Sanae is such a wonderful and amazing counselor, teacher, and person. Her advice has helped my physical, emotional, and spiritual growth, the underlying factors of my skin problem. Along the way, she offered practical guidance that made it easy to understand more about my health. I would highly recommend her to anybody with a skin malady!”
– Rio Bauce, Oakland, California


“Sanae has been so generous with her knowledge of Macrobiotics and with her time. Her recommendations helped me get through the final stage of stopping the steroids. I needed someone that was gentle and nurturing and patient with me and Sanae was.”
– Becky Carr, Anchorage, Alaska


Over the year and a half that I have studied with Sanae, she always helps me find loving kindness, patience, and compassion for myself especially when I sometimes fall off track or struggle with the transitions into this new lifestyle. She understands the time elements of trying to prepare macrobiotic meals while working full time and having other responsibilities. We laugh at her quote, “macrobiotic is not difficult, just inconvenient.”
– AJ Trotter, Los Angeles, CA


My name is Frank. I began a practicing macrobiotics in early August 2010. I had been struggling with metastasized Kidney Cancer since summer of 2009. After 5 years of being clear since my left nephrectomy in 2004 a new tumor had appeared in my abdomen in 2009. By summer 2010 the metastasis had spread to my left lung and some of my bones. I am being treated with a newly approved drug that promises to produce stable disease in 60% of the patients. There is no expectation for the drug to produce a cure, and eventually the my body will become resistant to the drug.

Having found out about an individual in Orange County struggling with Pancreatic Cancer who was having good results with some new foods he was eating I set out to investigate. He was a friend of some friends of mine, and I was put in contact with the people who were teaching him how to prepare these new foods. After talking directly with him I found that he was on a macrobiotic diet, and after 30 days on the diet he was getting his energy back, and for the first time in two months he was able to resume his normal activities.

Having little faith in the drug I was taking and having read a good deal about macrobiotics, I set out to find a counselor that could get me started. After going through some leads that didn’t work out I found Sanae Suzuki. She has been very thorough in advising me.

After 6 weeks on the medicine, and four weeks of practicing the macrobiotic lifestyle I went through another set of CT, and bone scans. The scans revealed that all but one of the lesions had reduced in size. This was beyond my wildest expectations, and I feel macrobiotics is more responsible for my progress than the medicine.
I know that I still have a long way to go, but I am encouraged by this initial success.

– Frank Boyer, La Crescenta, California


My experience from taking cooking lecture/lessons on Macrobiotic from Eric and Sanae has been great. My husband is slightly diabetic and I was getting really tired everyday just being the middle age. Sanae told me that Macrobiotic could help us to eat right and feel good about ourselves afterwards. Boy, she was so right! Every time I went to her class & ate what we learned for that day, I tried to cook the same way for my family when I got home. I started to feel better as the days have gone by.

We are definitely more conscious of what we eat now. My teenage daughter was so impressed with Sanae that she wrote about her life as her “amazing person” in her English class at school and her article was picked as one of the best articles. I am sure that her teacher was impressed with the content of the article. It is also known that some celebrity like Madonna endorses their way of eating/living. No wonder.

We also got our beloved Golden Retriever “Shaka” from Sanae & Eric. He is so good. He is very calm in his nature and eats organic food just like us! The whole experience has been about how to live happier life for our family!
– Michelle Kawata, Los Angeles, CA


“When I got a pup I started feeding her “the macrobiotic way”, because that is how I have been eating for many years. When Jin (my dog) developed a health problem, a friend told me about Sanae. Happy with this advice, I contacted her.
I live so far away (Belgium), but when we talk I feel so close to her. The conversations we have are nourishing, and her recommendations are helpful. Sanae has a lot of experience with dogs, so she can give good advice.
She didn’t just help me with my dog but also with my own struggles in life. It’s always nice to have a good laugh with Sanae, and to feel her love.”

– Jorinde Peeters, Belgium in Europe


I LOVED your presentation! I have even been eating better myself since then. You both have this way about you that is very nice to see — calm, work so nicely together. Thank you!

(A testimonial for “Natural Organic Food for Your Pets” class at My Pet Naturally)
– Victoria Rambow, Los Angeles, CA