Therapeutic Massage/Shiatsu/Craniosacral

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Growing up in Japan, I watched my parents receive anma massage, a type of shiatsu. The massage therapist came to the house almost every week. I was so fascinated with how massage released their pain and stress. It was natural for my sister and me to apply massage techniques on each other for practice. I forgot about it when I moved to America—until I started to practice yoga. I received a massage from a yoga teacher who was also a massage therapist; it brought me back to my childhood.


One day, I was cooking for one of my clients, and he was not feeling well. I gave him a massage, and he felt so much better his appetite returned. He recommended that I go to massage school to get certified, so I could provide cooking and massage for my clients. I am glad I took the suggestion. I also went to learn how to massage domestic animals. I combine massage with shiatsu and reflexology, and I love receiving and giving massage to my friends, clients and family, including our dogs and cats.


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